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iron oxide desulfurizer

Iron oxide desulfurizer use activity Fe2O3  as the main ingredients, and add a variety of additives,which is a new type of high efficient dry gas desulfurizer,and be used with simple equipment, easy operation, large sulfur capacity, purifying degree is high, strong adaptability, etc. It is Widely used in natural gas, LNG gas desulfurization, CNG natural gas, coal gas, coke oven gas, shift gas, food, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide gas, petroleum refining, gas, methane and other gases in the removal of H2S,and also have some removal of organic sulfur effect.

一、physical and chemical properties

Shape and size:φ4 ~12×5~20mm,The appearance of color is yellow-brown garden bar strips.

Bulk density: 0.75 ~ 0.85 kg/L.

Hole: 0.25 ~ 0.40 ml/g.

Desulfurization precision: under the some conditions can reach ≯1mgs/Nm3.


二、Technical indicators

Lateral pressure crushing strength:≮ 50 N/cm

Industrial sulfur capacity: ≮25% (under the aerobic conditions)、20% ~ 35% (under anaerobic conditions) Anaerobic conditions.

三、Desulfurization reaction principle

Desulfurization reaction:
Fe2O3·H2O + 3H2S = Fe2S3·H2O + 3H2O + 5.2 kilocalorie

四、Operating conditions 

Temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃,with 20 ~ 60 ℃ better

Volumetric space velocity500 ~ 2000 H-1

Pressure: 0~ 2 MPa

High aspect ratio: ≮3

Gas purification: allow H2S up to 5000 PPM, can use multilevel desulfurization to reach higher desulfurization precision .

Moisture content:Water plays a role of media in the process of desulfurization, feed gas too dry or too wet will affect the desulfurization efficiency.It is forbidden to process feed gas liquid, jam desulfurizer microporous and severe damage the strength.

五、Desulfurizer use


Desulfurization tower height and diameter should be greater than 3.0,and desulfurization bed generally shoud be divided into two layers. In order to improve the utilization rate of desulfurizer, desulfurization tower should configure two commonly, And valve and pipeline configuration should be convenient to switch series or parallel operation.

2、Fill the reactor

 (1) It shoud be removed the dust by sieving, and do not allow free fall more than 0.5meter , alsodo not allow the people trampled on desulfurizer., Man should on the desulfurizer cushion board,when must be loading into the furnace.

(2) Desulfurization tower of dismiss board shoud laid a layer of 50 ~ 80 mm φ15 ~ 20 mm ceramic ball, the no more than 4 mm mesh wire mesh shoud be placed on the porcelain ball,and the above is desulfurizer,on the desulfurizer to buy a layer of metal mesh, use porcelain ball pin it which can prevent blow gas desulfurizer.

3、starting-up procedure

(1) Desulfurizer dust purging and replacement

Blow gas may be air or gas material.And if the air need raw material substitution, after waiting for gas exports the same as the imported ingredients that qualified replacement.

(2) Pressure rising

 The pressure should be gradually rised in a pressurized system, rise 0.1 MPa, every 2 ~5minutes until operating pressure is reached.After the pressure rised, under a half load advanced production to 1 ~ 2 hours, and then gradually increase the load, turn into normal production after stable operation.


(1) Temporary parking: close the inlet valve, outlet valve, pressure maintaining.If the system leakage, must use the raw material gas pressure, to prevent negative pressure system.

(2) Replace desulfurizer parking: shoud be discharged.

六、Packaging、storage and transportation

1、Desulfurizer is storaged with tons of bags, can prevent leakage, moisture absorption and chemical pollution.

2、Transportationand handling should be avoided in the process of rolling, impact pressure and severe vibration and swing, step, so as to avoid pulverization.

3、Storage and transportation should be waterproof and moistureproof.

4、This product is a non-dangerous goods,according to the relevant provisions when storage and transportation.

七、Technical consulting and services

   In order to ensure the effect of user satisfactory, we will be responsible for pre-sales, after-sales service, assist in developing desulfurization solutions and help to solve out the problems in the operation.

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