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Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst



The new generation of solid phosphoric acid catalyst by multi - acid, diatomite and boric acid blend composite baking, with high activity, selectivity and high resistance to crushing strength, strong resistance to mud, long service life, and wide application range, comprehensive performance is better than that of the same kind of solid phosphoric acid catalyst.



Mainly used in the production of propylene oligomerization nonene and twelve ene, in C3 or / and C4 olefin preparation of C6-C16 olefins, four carbon olefin production of high octane gasoline, two poly isobutylene production ISOOCTENE, benzene and aromatic alkylation with olefin alkylation agent, such as: the production of cumene alkylation etc. the reaction of benzene with propylene.


Technical Specifications of Solid phosphoric acid -102




White or gray cylinder


Diameter 5-6 mm

5-15mm particles≥ 95%

16-20mm particles< 5%

Loading density


Compression strength

Compression strength N/cm2 ≥350

The compressive strength of the coefficient of variation≤0.4

Phosphate content%


Free phosphorus: 12 ~ 16

Total phosphorus: 60 ~ 65


Application effect of 102 solid phosphoric acid catalyst

SPAC operating conditions and effects

Solid phosphoric acid catalyst is suitable for isothermal (tubular reactor) reactor or reactor (adiabatic layer, or tubular reactor).


Requirements for different catalysts for raw materials


Olefin concentration



Alkyne diene +%

Sulfur (mg/m3)







1.1 Using the Mixed C3~C4 olefin Production of polymer gasoline

(1) The requirements of raw materials:

Raw materials: mixed with the concentration of 40% ~ 80%

Harmful impurities limit: Alkynes/alkadiene ≯ 2%

C3 the following hydrocarbons < 1%

Above C5 hydrocarbons≤ 3%

(2)The type of reactor:

Snamprogetti tubular isothermal reactor, high pressure condensate heat, waste heat recovery boiler thermal reaction

(3) The main operating conditions:

Reactor top pressure 2.5 ~ 5 MPa

Reaction temperature: supercritical phase to near critical temperature

The reactor feed speed: 2 ~ 4H-1

(4) Operation of catalytic materials:

Butene conversion rate ≮ 80%

The product selectivity of C6~C10 ≮ 85%

The liquid yield guaranteed value ≮ 900kg (liquid product) / kg (catalyst)


1.2 Propylene oligomerization Technology

(1) Recommended reactor:

Snamprogetti tubular isothermal reactor, high pressure condensate heat, waste heat recovery boiler thermal reaction;

(2) Processing conditions

Reaction pressure: 2.5 ~ 5 MPa

The reactor feed speed: 2 ~ 4 H-1

Feed and propylene concentration in the reactor: 40% ~ 80%

Inlet temperature of the reactor: 160 ~ 210 ℃

Reactor outlet temperature: 180 ~ 220 ℃

(3) Operation of catalytic materials

Propylene conversion ≮ 80 %

Oligomer selectivity:

Trimer (Ren Xi)  ≥70%

Dodecene (four polymer) > 20%

Nonylene + Dodecene ≥ 90%

The C6 fraction ≯ 5%

Non oligomer 15%

Average carbon number 9.02

When the liquid catalytic materials was 1~2 kg×(kg×h)-1

The liquid yield ≮ 2000 kg. kg-1


1.3 Benzene, propylene cumene synthesis process (Isopropyl benzene)

(1) Reaction conditions:

Reaction pressure: 2.5 ~ 5 MPa

The reactor feed speed: 2 ~4 H-1

The reactor entrance propylene concentration≮45%

The starting temperature of the adiabatic reactor: 160~ 210 ℃

Reactor outlet temperature: 180 ~ 220 ℃


(2) Running guarantee:

Propylene one-way conversion rate ≮80%

The reactor outlet of cumene Purity:  ≮ 90%

Thanaromatics selectivity: ≮3%

The iodine value≮2 mg/g

Catalytic materials of cumene yield (guaranteed value) ≮ 1800 kg. kg-1.



This product should be transported according to the general chemical. Pay attention to rain, keep dry, shall not be affected with moisture, be stored in a dry and ventilated place, do not squeeze the catalyst.

Packaging: tons (lined PE bag), galvanized iron drums; all the size can also be packaged according to customer requirements.

Waste catalyst treatment: 1, sold to fertilizer plant as fertilizer;2, with lime and buried

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